Lagrange Point [Sagittarius 1]

HyperAmbient HYPER-0019-T

NB: The current previews of ‘Lagrange Point’ and ‘Departure for Sagittarius A*’ are combined tracks, with both pieces mixed as per the album version.

At a Lagrange point a small object may be delicately balanced between the pull of two huge forces. It takes but a little additional effort to move the object, start it on a great journey.

‘Sagittarius’ grew out of a couple of unrelated tracks we started back in November 2011. As those core tracks matured we realised that they’d sequence nicely together, or in some cases needed bridging pieces.

Most of the writing was finished by February 2012. The final mixing of ‘Sagittarius’ as a whole, along with a few of the individual tracks such as this one, still needs more work.

Please feel free to add your comments via SoundCloud, your opinions might change the final version!